Jewelry Care


With proper care, your gold filled jewelry pieces can last for years! The top three things to think about when taking care of your jewelry are:

1. What your jewelry comes in contact with (chemicals, etc)

2. What stays on your jewelry for long periods of time

3. How your jewelry is stored

Gold-Filled is a layer of gold pressure that get's bonded to a base metal. By law it is required to have at least 5% or 1/20 of gold by weight. This is what makes the gold-filled jewelry more durable than gold-plated pieces. 


The following are the best practices to help your jewelry last as long as possible:

  • Remove jewelry during physical activities (exercising, swimming, etc)
  • Remove jewelry when using chemicals (shampoos, harsh soaps, lotions, makeup, hairspray, etc)
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to chlorine (pools, hot tubs, spas, etc)
  • Avoid rubbing with abrasive materials (bath towels, shirts, terry cloths, tissues, paper towels, etc)
  • Store your cleaned (always clean before storing) jewelry in a dry, air-tight container (ziploc bag)
  • Even though it is rare, sometimes your specific body chemistry can react with the metal and cause a reaction or cause quicker tarnishing of the jewelry (some things that can affect this are pregnancy, thyroid disorders, hormone levels, medications, etc)
  • You can sleep in your gold filled jewelry (I sleep in my earrings and they still look brand new, my necklaces tend to get dirtier quicker when I sleep in them), however if you notice your jewelry tarnishing quickly, you may want to remove the jewelry at night and store in a dry, air-tight container


To clean your gold-filled jewelry:

1. Use a micro fiber cloth or lens cloth to remove oxidation or tarnish marks

2. Rinse your jewelry with warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush

3. Pat your jewelry dry (make sure to dry it thoroughly)



Clay Earrings

  • Remove earrings before sleeping, swimming, showering, exercising, etc
  • Put jewelry on after applying makeup, perfume, lotion, etc
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals
  • Wipe with a soft cloth to clean
  • To remove makeup from earrings, use a damp cloth and soap if needed
  • Store in a cool, dry place